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Custom Aronia Berry Harvesting

Featuring the American Made BEI Model 1600 Harvester

A versatile self- propelled over the row harvester.
Zero turning radius is perfect for small acreages. The double sway picks berries in 1 pass.
Economical, Time Saving, Precise

Picks a pound of berries for a fraction of the cost of hand picking ($.60/lb)
Picks 4+ acres per day, compared to several day for multiple hand pickers
Picks rows in the field with one pass in proper conditions.

Call for Pricing !!

Why Choose USAronia?

We offer professional, honest, timely and accurate service.
We offer consulting, site assessment, and brix testing with integrity and clear communication.
We provide totes and trailer for temporary use.
We provide the machine and a minimum of 3 professional trained in it's use.
We are not only engaged in custom harvesting, we are are actively growing aronia and are committed to developing this industry.
We support the North American Aronia Coop.
We are diligently seeking consumer marketing avenues for aronia.

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